What’s Included in Commercial Real Estate Development?

You may have found the perfect location for your commercial real estate project. You may even have negotiated some great lease terms. But that doesn’t mean you’re ready for business. On the contrary, there’s still a big task before you—commercial real estate development.

What do we mean when we talk about commercial real estate development? Well, you’re seldom going to get a property that’s exactly the way you want it. You’ve got your own business goals, your own work flows, and your own sense of how the property should be laid out to maximize productivity. The development process is all about making those things realities, and ensuring your space is just right for your business. (As we like to say at Kuester CRE, development is about turning spaces into places!)

There’s a lot involved with this process, and it’s going to look a little different from one project to the next. With that said, there are some basic steps that generally fall under the umbrella of commercial real estate development.

Developing Commercial Real Estate

A few are big-ticket items—all of which can be accomplished via a commercial real estate development partner, like Kuester CRE.

  • Contracting vendors. Architects, interior designers, plumbers, general contractors—who knows what kind of professionals you’ll need to turn your space into a place? A company like Kuester CRE will have the local connections you need to get the best people for the best rates, ensuring quality work without hassle.
  • Designing your space. A developer will spend some time talking with you about your specific needs for the space—how it needs to be laid out to maximize its usefulness. The developer will then design some plans for your space, and even help you with such tasks as finding the best furniture and equipment.
  • Building out the space. Once the design plans are finalized, you need someone who can oversee construction! That’s certainly something that a company like Kuester CRE can assist with, ensuring construction happens on time, on budget, and to your expectations.
  • Coordinating the move. How can you ensue that your transition into the new building goes smoothly, with minimal disruption to your regular business operations? Your development company can coordinate all of this.
  • Decommissioning your previous space. Finally, if you need help getting out of your old space—getting rid of old furniture, for example, or cleaning the place up for the next tenant—that’s something else a development team will do.

Clearly, there’s a lot to think about as you consider commercial real estate development—which is why we recommend getting a trusted partner like Kuester CRE. Contact us today so that we can tell you more about our commercial real estate development services throughout the Carolinas! You can reach us at our toll-free number right now: 855-723-2500.

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