What Our Brokers Say About Finding the Right Office Space

Whether you’re launching a new business or expanding a rapidly growing company, it’s important to apply due diligence as you seek the best office accommodations.

Ultimately, the office space you choose will impact your company on multiple levels. The environment where you set up shop can influence employee collaboration, productivity, and morale. It can determine the ease with which customers and clients can access your facility. And of course, it’s bound to have a financial aspect, as well.

As such, there are a number of things you’ll want to think about. Above all else, we recommend working with an experienced commercial real estate broker who can listen to your needs and show you multiple office spaces that can accommodate them.

To that end, here are a few words of advice the Kuester CRE brokers offer to clients who are on the hunt for a new office facility.

Our Advice About Finding Office Space

  • Don’t expect to find a perfect space. Seeking an office space is a lot like shopping for a new home: You’ll find a lot of stuff that you like, but you may not find anything that’s totally perfect. A good practical approach is to make a list of your priorities—what are the absolute non-negotiables, and what are the things that you’d like but are ultimately willing to compromise on? This list can be a helpful guide as you assess different spaces.
  • You want to be where your customers are. Most retailers know this, but it’s not just retail stores that need to be close to their customer base. If you have customers and clients who come to your office with any frequency, it’s important to be close to them—period.
  • Think in terms of scale and flexibility. Ultimately, you want a space that can grow with you. You don’t want to overspend on more space then you need, but neither do you want to feel cramped two months in. There are a few options for navigating these issues. One, don’t be afraid to make some little compromises—like having employees share desk space—if you’re in a short-term lease that you can easily get out of as the company grows. And two, seek spaces that have a lot of multi-functional room… room you can use for different things as your company evolves.
  • Don’t forget the importance of communal spaces. Yes, you’ll likely want private offices for at least some of your employees—but also make sure you find a facility that gives employees room to collaborate or simply to get together and socialize during break times. This is all important for maintaining morale and productivity.
  • Don’t forget commute times. Maybe you don’t mind driving an hour to work each morning, but it’s unfair to ask your employees to make the same sacrifice. You want to be close to customers, but ideally close to employees as well.
  • Think in terms of value. Finally, remember that your financial decision isn’t just about rent; it’s about the big picture. For instance, a place that has low rent but will also come with a lot of expensive maintenance issues may not be such a great deal. Paying higher rent for a space that’s in better shape can be more beneficial overall.

These are just some of the considerations we recommend as you seek the ideal office accommodations. Any additional questions? Or are you ready to tour some spaces? Reach out today! You can connect with us at our toll-free number, 855-723-2500.

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